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Injector Valves Delphi
The main activity of the company rekraft professional recycling of the main components of the fuel system. In our catalog covers all types of recoverable components: pump-nozzle, common rail, PLD cutting actuators nozzles and high-pressure fuel pump (fuel pump).

Rekraft factory is equipped with high-precision certified equipment that employs professional staff. Our equipment makes it possible to restore the nozzle of the type: electromagnetic, piezoelectric, mechanical, hydraulic. A new generation of automated equipment enables the restoration of parts, not only with the highest accuracy, but with minimal cost money, time and resources.

We give full warranty, despite the range of the vehicle. Before the publication that all items are checked and calibrated for compliance with the original specifications and passed the strict quality control. The parameters of the products are identical to factories manufacturers SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES, MAN, DAF, RENAULT, IVESO and other European and American car manufacturers.

We have proved that the price in the highest quality for the repair can be low. The recovered parts have a good price and are not worse in power parts installed in the vehicle production.

We work with many companies, shops and car service of the European Union, Eastern Europe and North America. We are committed to long-term relationships with our customers, we offer a loyalty program, wholesale prices and an increase in the warranty period.
Car dealerships and company representatives rekraft we offer a convenient way of delivery and payment, you can learn more by running a form on the site.
Rekraft Remanufacturing technology - a high-quality restoration of components of the fuel system, a wide assortimet goods and reasonable prices.
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