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     The main activity of the Rekraft company is the professional restoration of the most important components of the fuel system. All types of recoverable nodes are represented in our catalog: pump-injector unit, Common-Rail, PLD-element, nozzle actuators and fuel injection pumps.

     The Rekraft plant is supplied with high-precision certified equipment, which is operated by professional staff. Our equipment allows us to restore the injectors of the following type: electromagnetic, piezoelectric, mechanical, hydraulic. The usage of the new generation automated equipment allows to restore parts not only with the highest accuracy, but also with minimum costs of resources, time and natural resources.

     We give a full guarantee, not tied to the operating time. Before the release, all parts are tested and calibrated for compliance with the original specifications, as well as strict quality control. The characteristics of the restored products fully meet the requirements of the producer factories like SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES, MAN, DAF, RENAULT, IVECO and other European and American auto manufacturers.

     We have proved that the price can be low under the definitely high quality of repair. The restored spare parts have a good price and are equal to specifications of the parts installed while producing the car.

     We work together with a large number of companies, shops and car service centers of the European Union, Eastern Europe and North America. In case of long-term relationships with our customers, we offer loyalty programs, producer prices and extended warranty terms.

     Dealerships and representatives of Rekraft company we provide convenient delivery and payment methods. To receive particulars of it fill out the form on the website.

     Rekraft company is the constantly high-quality restoration of spare parts for fuel systems of equipment, the widest range and friendly prices.

our warranty

      Our company cares about its customers, maintaining producing quality control at a high level, that allows us to provide guarantees for our work date from six months. All questions on guarantee maintenance are easily solved through retail representatives, who have sold the product.

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      Contact your local dealer and you will be offered convenient shipping methods. If there`s no our representative in your country, contact us through the feedback form on the website.

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      You can find out the payment methods from our retail representatives. Discounts for regular and wholesale customers are subject to regional dealers. If there`s no our representative in your country, contact us through the feedback form on the website.